What it takes to become an electrician in Ontario

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June 27th, 2023
Becoming an electrician in Ontario is no easy task.

Just completing your apprenticeship program takes 5 years. During this time aspiring electricians can not work on their own, but must have all of their work overseen by a Master Electrician. Once they have completed their apprenticeship hours, aspiring electricians are eligible to take their Certificate of Qualification exam. This exam is issued by Skilled Trades Ontario, formally the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT), which allows them to work as an electrician for a company. If they would then like to start their own business, however, they must work for 3 more years at minimum and then pass an exam to become a Master Electrician. That means that at minimum it takes 5 years to start working as a licensed electrician, and 8 years if you would like to start a business. 

From apprenticeship to the Certificate of Qualification exam:

Master Electricians

If an electrician would like to become a contractor or start their own business, they must be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario as a Master Electrician. The ESA is responsible for enforcing electrical safety regulations and licensing electrical contractors in the province. 
Check the competency profile of a Master Electrician here

Checking Your Electricians Credentials

When considering an electrician for your next project, we recommend as a first step that you go to the ESA site and search for the contractor or company name to make sure they are licensed. This will confirm that they have gone through all of the aforementioned steps.
Check if your Contractor is a Licensed here
Never hire a company or contractor who does not have an ESA license. Electrical work can be very dangerous, and the cost savings from an illegal job are never worth the future risk of fines, fire, electrocution or worse. 

If you've chosen an electrician who is licensed with the ESA, next thing to ensure is that they have all of the below:

Pricing an Electrical Job

Based on their years of experience, licensing level, and additional certifications, hourly rates will vary for the electrician you hire. Home guide has a great resource that breaks down the prices you should expect to see from your electrician in Canada. We recommend reviewing this resource the next time you receive a quote from your electrician.
Home guide electrician pricing resource
We hope that this resource helps you to find a qualified electrician for your next job, such as the Kulic Ltd team! 
See our ESA licence here
Electrician pricing in Canada
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