Correctly Installing Insulation to fix Dangerous Aluminum Wiring

The Job

Inconsistent lighting

Our client reached out to us as their lighting was inconsistent, sometimes it would turn on and other times it would not. They were not sure what the issue was and they wanted us to look into it.

Incorrectly installed aluminum wiring led to a poor connection and overheating of the switch, receptacle and terminal

When we took a look at the electrical wiring we saw that there was aluminum wiring that was installed incorrectly. As a result, it was reducing conductivity, overheating, and becoming dangerous.
Overheating is typically caused by the aluminum’s tendency to oxidize and its incompatibility with wiring devices that are not rated for aluminum wiring.
It also has a high degree of thermal expansion. This expansion and contraction at the termination point can cause it to loosen up over time.
Both the thermal expansion and oxidization result in higher resistance, and higher resistance results in increased heat and poorer electrical conductivity.

Full electrical rewiring

For this job we had to update the materials surrounding the aluminum wiring in much of the house to address the hazardous installation previously done.

Aluminum wiring is safe if properly connected and terminated according to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the manufacturer’s instructions. If you need to hire someone to complete electrical repairs, by law it must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor. If your wiring is aluminum, make sure you hire an electrician who is familiar with aluminum wiring.

Kulic Ltd has years of experience with aluminum wiring, we can inspect and maintain your home!
Outlet damaged due to improper aluminum wiring
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