Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting & Replacement

The Job

Flickering lights & burning smell

The customer complained that their breaker panel was making a crackling sound and smelled like burning plastic. This was making them very concerned. Additionally, their lights were flickering. They asked us to come over urgently to troubleshoot.

Serious risk of electrocution and potential fire

When arriving at the clients home we noticed the smell and flickering they mentioned. After evaluating their breaker panel we found:
serious damage to internal breaker panel components
overloaded breakers
a poorly located panel
The panel box was extremely old and clearly had not been maintained in some time. The breakers were overloaded and we found serious damage to the internal panel components, putting the house at risk of fire. Additionally, the room where the panel was located was being used for storage, full of flammable household supplies and near the kids play room. All of this was highly concerning.

As a result, after this review, we identified this as an urgent issue and recommended to our client that we replace the panel the same day. This would ensure reliable electrical delivery to resolve the flickering lights and get rid of the burning smell by removing the unmaintained and overloaded components.

Extremely grateful clients

Our clients were extremely grateful that we were able to quickly identify the issue and prioritized fixing the isssue the same day to ensure that they could sleep safely, and stress free.



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