Fixing Damaged Wires that Caused a Wall Fire

The Job

Concerning smell investigation

Our customer had lost power to their TV outlet and complained about a “funny smell” coming from the corner of their living room. They asked us to investigate.

Rodents chew through wires

In order to assess the issue we had to open the wall. In doing so we found that rodents, who like to chew on old cables, had chewed through the cable attached to the outlet. This had also created a small fire inside the wall.

We recommended that we replace the wires, as well as the wall to remove the smell. We also recommended that they have the rodent issue addressed as soon as possible to avoid the same occurring in other parts of their home.

TV back in action

We replaced the damaged cable to allow the customer to enjoy their TV again and fixed the burnt wall. This also made the client aware of an issue with rodents that they were then able to address.
wall fire caused by rodents chewing through wires
wall fire caused by rodents chewing through wires
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