Power Fluctuation Troubleshooting

The Job

New home, but unreliable electricity

Our customer reached out to us stating that despite living in a relatively new home, their larger appliances didn’t seem to work properly. They regularly did not turn on or stopped suddenly.  Additionally, their lights would dim for no apparent reason. They asked us to come take a look and help them determine the issue.

Poorly installed appliances

During our investigation we found that the local internet installer had drilled through the main electrical conduit and damaged the main cables without realising, which is extremely dangerous for the installer who could have experienced sever electrical shock and also could have led to a fire in the house.
Internet installer drilled through main electrical conduit

Reliable electricity

We replaced the damaged conduit and cables that were drilled into. This corrected the problems with their electrical system.
damaged electrical conduit and cablesElectrical cord drilled through
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